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Mohit Patel – Founder

Mohit Patel

I am an educator, engineer and designer. I design and execute learning experiences for teachers and students that are based on learning theories and cognitive neuroscience. I also focus on long term planning and execution of projects in the areas of curricular reforms, governance, and outreach. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and master’s degree in Industrial Systems from the University of Cambridge on a scholarship by the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust. I recently returned to India from the US where I completed my second master’s degree at Harvard University focusing on education and technology. I have been a cross-registered candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I focused on entrepreneurship and institutional management. My program at Harvard was funded by a scholarship from Harvard University. I have also participated in executive programs at INSEAD (Singapore), Indian Insitute of Management-Ahmedabad and Indian School of Business (Hyderabad).