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Thinqer | Academic and Operation Audit Services (ACOPAS)
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Academic and Operation Audit Services (ACOPAS)


Thinqer is assisting RK university in becoming a world class university. Along with landmark innovations in teaching and learning processes, we are introducing major reforms in administrative functioning to reflect the collaborative and creative spirit of RKU’s mission. A key organizational goal for any high performing organization is to have timely and accurate information about its various activities and processes. Generally this is accomplished by some sort of audit process. For RKU, a new administrative unit is being proposed to ascertain the effectiveness and efficiency of various academic and operational process of the university. This unit, called the Academic and Operational Audit Services (ACOPAS), will be a university wide unit which will conduct academic and operational audits of various University units. These audited units can be individual faculties and staff, academic and administrative departments and schools.


The primary objective of the ACOPAS is to ascertain the effectiveness and efficiency of various academic and operational processes of the university. As such ACOPAS will:

1. Conduct academic audit of all academic units of the university, ranging from individual faculties to entire schools

2. Conduct operational audit of all academic and administrative units of the university.

3. Develop processes and guidelines for such audits and make them known throughout the university

4. Provide academic and operational advisory services to all units of the university

5. Develop and disseminate knowledge of best practices in the concerned domain

ACOPAS Task Force

ACOPAS was conceived, designed and developed by these awesome people at RK University:

1. Mohit Patel

2. Denish Patel

3. Samir Atara

4. Nailesh Limbasiya

5. Vishal Doshi

6. Chirag Mehta

7. Chetan Detroja

8. Ketan Shah

9. Vipul Rajdev

10. Amit Lathigara

11. Dharmesh Raval

12. Nilesh Kalani

13. Raashid Saiyed

First Wave of Audit Initiatives

Teaching and Learning Observation:

  • To evaluate teaching and learning processes in class.

  • To provide teachers with information as to what performances will be evaluated.

  • To support assessment that will ensure competent and empathetic personnel.


Laboratory Audit:

  • To ensure that all records especially dead stock registers are well maintained as per guidelines.

  • To ensure that all resources are well managed and fully utilized.

  • To ensure that all items are available in lab as per the records.

  • To ensure that suitable safety measures and precautions are taken to prevent accidents.

  • To promote good practice of record keeping.

  • To promote optimum utilization of resources.

IT Audit

  • Hardware Audit

  • Software/Application Audit

  • Network Audit

  • Telecommunication Network Audit